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Whether you want to renovate to improve the home’s function, efficiency, or value there’s no shortage of improvement ideas in magazines and on the internet. Prioritizing projects with substantial return on investments is an excellent idea. Equally important is having a property inspection performed during and after the remodeling of your house.

A property inspection during and after the improvement project may even be required by city or county ordinances. That is exceptionally accurate if there were any structural changes, such as room additions, made to the home. Kitchen or bath remodels, especially those that involve re-routing electrical wiring or plumbing lines, must also be inspected by a professional home inspector.

To help you choose home improvement projects with substantial return on investments, Remodeling Magazine recently released its annual Cost vs. Value Report, which compares the costs of 22 remodeling projects with the value those projects retain at resale. For 2020, the top five home improvement projects that pay off in the mountain region are:

Manufactured Stone Veneer

Job Cost: $9,179

Resale Value: $9,175

Cost Recouped: 100%

Garage Door Replacement

Job Cost: $3,626

Resale Value: $3,484

Cost Recouped: 96.1%

Minor Kitchen Remodel

Job Cost: $22,472

Resale Value: $17,845

Cost Recouped: 79.4%

Vinyl Window Replacement

Job Cost: $17,188

Resale Value: $13,161

Cost Recouped: 76.6%

Midrange Bathroom Remodel

Job Cost: $20,390

Resale Value: $12,792

Cost Recouped: 62.7%

Contact King Home Inspections at (602) 550-1913 to schedule an appointment with one of our professional and experienced inspectors. Our certified company only checks two properties per day so that we can spend as much time as YOU need to understand your inspection. We will explain any issues, answer all questions, and show you the home’s inner workings. We will also provide you with a computer-generated property inspection report the same day.


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