Why Choose Us

King Home Inspections was one of the first licensed home inspection companies in the state of Arizona. From the start we knew we wanted to be more about quality than quantity. We truly wanted to help buyers understand the condition of the house they were about to purchase.

If we ran into you at the movies or out for a bite to eat, we wanted to be able to look you in the eye, shake your hand and feel confident we were going to be greeted with a smile and a thank you instead of a complaint.

You can feel confident you will get the same thorough inspection and personal attention from all of our inspectors because they are all employees of the company.  The are interviewed by  us, hired by us and trained by us to our company standards.

They are not a bunch of independent contractors on a call.


  1. Are licensed by the state of Arizona
  2. Have passed an FBI background check.
  3. Have a minimum of 84hrs of instruction.
  4. Have passed a national home inspectors exam.
  5. Carry E & O & Liability Insurance – NOT just a bond.
  6. Have lock box access.


  1. Are easy to read & understand.
  2. Have photo documentation of items needing attention
  3. Are computer generated the same day of the inspection

What Our Customers Are Saying


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