What We Inspect


Anti-siphon valves, driveway, sidewalks, sprinkler system, fences, gates, retaining walls, grading, drainage, decks, window wells, vegetation.

Exterior of House

Wall structure material , wall covering material, trim material, eaves, fascia, soffits, exterior stairs/railings, view decks, balconies, porch, patios, patio covers.


Foundations, post tension slabs, stem walls, floor construction, crawl space,piers/columns.


Roofing material, roof drainage, flashings, chimneys, skylights, roof penetrations & sealant around roof penetrations, and rain gutters.


Service wires from power company, main service panel, breakers, fuses, neutral & ground buses, wiring after sup-panel, sub-panels, grounding system, all outlets, switches, lights, ventilation fans, GFCI safety system.


Size of main water line, water pressure to house, supply lines, waste lines, drain lines, gas lines, water heater, shut-off valves under sinks/toilets, hose faucets and plumbing vents.


Size of units (BTU’s), type of fuel source, condition of burners, flues, venting, combustion air, duct work, thermostats, temperature splits and temperature from every supply register.

Air Conditioning

Size of units (BTU’s), type of fuel source, condition of AC unit, electrical disconnect, condensate lines & pan, air-handlers, insulation on refrigerant lines, thermostats, air filters, duct work, temperature splits and temperature from every supply register.


Underside of roof sheathing, trusses, rafter and joist framing, insulation type and depth, ventilation, ac & heating ducts, vent fans & ducts.


Floor, walls, ceiling, fire door to house, pedestrian door, vehicle door, vehicle door opener, ventilation, wash sink.

Laundry Room

Washer faucet hook-ups, washer drain line, 120v outlet, 220v dryer outlet, gas plumbing, dryer vent, laundry sink cabinets.


All doors, windows, walls, ceilings, floors, fireplaces, stairs & railings, cabinets, built in appliances, smoke detectors.


Toilets, sinks, showers, shower enclosures, tubs, jetted tubs, cabinets, ventilation fans.


Sinks, range, ovens, dishwasher, microwave oven, disposal, counter/cabinets, exhaust fan.


Material used for pool surface, type of filter, all pumps, all plumbing and valves, heaters, blowers, pool/spa lights,spa therapy jets, computerized control panels, all water features, pressure gauge, bleeder valve, in-floor cleaning system, water leveler, aerator, electrical, fences, gates, decking.

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