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How Much Does a Home Inspection Cost?

You’ve found your dream home, put in an offer, and had that offer accepted by the current homeowners. Congratulations! Before the closing process can begin, however, the home must be visually evaluated by a certified home inspector. No component is exempt from observation. A home inspector’s job is to identify any health, safety, or major mechanical issues in a home. They may also inspect for termites and other wood-destroying insects, although this service is usually an additional expense.

What Does a Home Inspection Cost?

Home inspection fees depend on several factors. These include square footage, age of construction, geographic location, and the existence of any exterior amenities like a pool or spa. Condos, townhomes, and multi-unit housing are typically priced differently than single-family homes. A home inspection can save you time, money, and unnecessary headaches in the long run. A preventative investigation can prove advantageous to current homeowners who have no interest in selling their home.

Does the Buyer or Seller Pay for Service?

The reason for the service will determine who pays the home inspection cost. Homeowners with no interest in marketing their home, but who recently made or are considering making improvements, pay for services rendered. Homebuyers pay after having their offer approved but before the closing process begins. In the latter situation, fees may be paid prior or at closing.

What Does the Inspection Include?

Standard home inspections cover visually examining the condition of the home’s structural and functional systems. Both the exterior and interior of a home are evaluated for aging, noncompliance, and damage. The roof, foundation, attic, HVAC system, electrical, and plumbing are included. A home inspection takes about three to four hours from start to finish. Allow more time for larger homes.

Optional services will cost extra and require more time. These include inspecting pools and spas, landscaping, separate structures, radon and mold testing, termite and other wood-destroying infestations, and pest detection.

The home inspector will provide a computer-generated report of their findings, along with improvement recommendations, generally listed in order of importance that is given the same day as the inspection. If the report reveals problems, you as the buyer can renegotiate your offer, considering any needed, significant repairs. You may also have the option to walk away. The choice is entirely yours.

Hire a Home Inspector Today

King Home Inspections guarantees thorough home inspections every time. Our home inspectors, who have extensive construction experience, complete a total of two appointments per day, ensuring they remain focused on you and your property. Detailed computer-generated reports are always given the same day as the service.

What sets King Home Inspections apart from our competition is that we do not sample anything. We will inspect every window, outlet, switch, faucet, etc. in your home to provide you with a complete snapshot of your home’s condition.

At the end of the inspection, our inspectors will walk with you around the exterior and interior of the house, explaining our findings to you and identifying where your shut-offs are for vital systems. We will also answer any questions you may have about the inner workings of the house. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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