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Tips for Decorating for Halloween

We brewed up some ideas for you to decorate your home’s exterior that will serve as the perfect backdrop for your virtual Halloween parties and may even secure first place if your neighborhood is participating in a drive-thru house-decorating contest. If you’re buying a new home before Halloween, make sure there aren’t any frightening structural defects by having a property inspection done.

Bat Out the Entryway

Create spooky décor with cut-out bats taped one inch apart around the trim of your front door so that they frame it. You can craft the bats out of black construction paper. Add an assortment of pumpkins, gourds, and tree branches and complete the look by placing a few paper bats in a twig wreath. The wreath will serve double duty as, once you remove the cut-outs, it’s perfect for autumn as well. Pick up a black doormat to avoid dirt being tracked into your home.

Turn Pumpkins into Something Fun

Bright orange pumpkins can be carved, stenciled, or painted. You can turn a pumpkin into a fossil egg complete with hatching dinosaur, a “Hunny” pot, pumpkin spice with foam whipped cream and wood straw, or another design of your choosing. Decorating ideas with step-by-step instructions can be found online, including on Pinterest. Preserve your uncarved pumpkins by letting them soak in a bleach solution (1 tablespoon to 4 cups water) for 20 minutes.

Add Creepy Yard Decorations

Make good use of all those falling leaves in your yard by raking them up and putting them in bags shaped like pumpkins. Tie them off and place them around your lawn. Hang some faux spiderweb from your trees and on bushes, fences, and other areas. There are various outdoor lawn decorations that you can purchase or craft to create a creepy yard.

Schedule a Property Inspection Today

Voted the best home inspectors in Phoenix for two consecutive years, King Home Inspections offers in-depth property inspections to ensure any preexisting issues or material defects don’t diminish the home value.

We carefully examine the property’s central systems – electric, heating, cooling, and plumbing – and components, taking pictures, and making notes as we go. We will then walk with you around its interior and exterior, pointing out any areas we had an issue with and showing you where to find the shutoffs.

King Home Inspections feels that when you pay for a property inspector to inspect the home, you’re not paying for a sampling of anything, but a comprehensive inspection. We only check two properties per day so that your house is given our full attention.

Please contact us at (602) 616-8502 to schedule an appointment.

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