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Fixer-Uppers: Always Get a Home Inspection.

Are you tempted to purchase a fixer-upper? Under the right conditions, a property that needs updates or repairs can potentially save you money, provide quick equity, or help you get into a great neighborhood while on a budget. It can also offer an excellent opportunity if you are interested in flipping it. However, if there is anything that you should take away from today’s popular improvement television shows, it should be to never commit to a fixer-upper without first having a professional home inspection.

Why a Home Inspection?

Having a home inspection completed is a cost-effective way to protect your investment. An expert will inspect the property’s electrical, plumbing, foundation, roofing, and other vital systems to determine what updates or repairs the home will need. They will then provide you with a detailed, computer-generated report that lists issues in order of importance so that you can factor the cost of renovations into your budget before closing. In specific situations, you may be able to either negotiate repairs into the contract or possibly back out of it if the home inspection reveals substantial problems. Make sure to talk to your realtor for more information about this.

What to Look for in a Fixer-Upper

While the perfect fixer-upper looks different for everyone, depending on their needs and goals, you should look for a property with good bones. Repairing significant structural problems, like foundation damage, requires a professional and can be quite costly. Another factor to consider is location, especially if this is your first home, or you’re thinking of flipping it. Ideally, you’ll want to be in a desirable neighborhood with a good school district and easy access to major freeways, such as Interstate 10. You should also consider your budget before purchasing a fixer-upper. While cosmetic issues may be postponed, substantial problems requiring repair should not be put off.

The Best Home Inspectors in Phoenix

Contact King Home Inspections at (602) 550-1913 to schedule an appointment with one of our home inspection professionals. Our certified company only checks two properties per day so that we can spend as much time as YOU need to understand your inspection. We will explain any issues, answer all questions, and show you the home’s inner workings. We will also provide you with a computer-generated report on the same day as your appointment that you can use to make an informed buying decision.

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