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Arizona Monsoon Season Home Preparation Guide

monsoon seasonWithin the next few weeks, Arizona should be anticipating the most blistering time of the year; summertime. Summer in the Sonoran Desert accompanies monsoon season and it is fast approaching. Although the high temperatures and storms are inevitable, there are a few extra precautions residents can take to ensure that their home is fully prepared for these harsh weather conditions, preventing costly damages.

What to Expect During Monsoon Season?

Arizona’s monsoon season begins June 15 and ends September 30. During this period, Phoenicians should expect severe, erratic weather. Thunderstorms, lighting, high winds, dust, heavy downpours, extreme humidity, and flash floods. One minute it may be dry and sunny, and then the next, it may be downpouring rain and winds that can knock over trees. This weather is the type of weather that Phoenicians are not used to and generates risks that people needs to look out for. To ensure safety of families and protection of homes in the valley, here are some steps that homeowners should execute to guarantee that their homes are monsoon safe certified.

Heavy Rain with the Possibility for Flash Floods

Due to the sudden massive downpours of rain, it is quite common during the monsoon season to forecast flash flooding. Flash flooding can negatively impact a home if not readily prepared. To prevent as much damage as possible, use sandbags in front of doorways to block water from entering the home. They are often free at any local fire station or can be purchased at home improvement stores.

Ensuring proper rain runoff is also vital in the prevention of structural damage. Clean gutters and downspouts so they are effective at running water away from your roof and ensure downspouts are correctly reaching the ground.

Heavy Winds

Not only do the winds knock over numerous trees across the valley, but these winds are aggressive enough to destroy roofs, windows, and even garage doors. It is highly recommended to bring in a King Home Inspector to confirm that these vital systems are free of problems, ensuring they’re able to withhold these intense conditions.

Areas Around the House to Inspect

Your Roof

The most significant part of a home, and where the most damages can occur, is the roof. Heavy rains, dust, and winds can worsen a roof that already has prior damage. That is why it is vital to do a thorough home inspection before the beginning of monsoon season. A professional inspector will check on the external durability of a home and make recommendations for improvement (where applicable).

Your Windows

One way to protect windows, is to invest in storm shutters, especially if one has older windows. Sometimes unstable windows may even require replacement, double-pane glass is best suited for these kinds of weather conditions.

Your Garage Door

Garage doors are one part of a home that residents usually look at last when expecting damages. Surprisingly, garage doors can be weak against powerful weather conditions. One way to protect garage doors is by placing horizontal bracing plates to create a stronger garage door.

This guide demonstrates a limited amount of precautions one can utilize when preparing for these harsh upcoming monsoon months. To ensure 100% safety and protection of local neighboring homes, it is best to contact King Home Inspections and request a complete, extensive inspection of your home. During storms, make sure that all pets are inside and when driving in dust storms, pull over to the side of the road.

Have a Great Summer and Stay Safe!

King Home Inspections guarantees thorough home inspections, every time. Our inspectors, who have extensive construction experience, only complete two inspections per day. This ensures 100 percent of the inspector’s attention is given to you and your home. Detailed computer-generated reports are always provided the same-day of the inspection. Request a home inspection appointment today at (602) 550-1913.

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